網上登記表格 (NOVA 產品)

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  1. 由購買日期起之一年內,除機殼及充電池外,其他機件如有損壞,經本公司技術人 員證實乃在正常使用情況下發生者,本公司將提供免費維修及更換配件。  
  2. 如購買之產品附備充電池,則充電池之保用期為三個月。 
  3. 客戶應妥存保用證,並於申請維修服務時出示保用證及正式收據,方可享有免費保養 服務。
  4. 客戶必須於購買本機後14天內將填妥之保用證寄回本公司/ 透過網上登記,保用證方可 生效。
  5. 顧客如需檢查或維修 NOVA 產品,須自攜產品到本公司。
  6. 如機械人因以下情況損壞: 
    1. 曾經被非本公司之技術員恣意改換或修理;或 
    2. 曾因錯誤操作、疏忽使用、意外事件、天然災害而引致破壞;或 
    3. 因電壓不正常而導致機件操作失靈;或 
    4. 曾被液體侵蝕機身內部或被水灑,免費保用服務將自動失效。
  7. 保用證上之日期必須與正式購物單據符合,保用證方可生效。
  8. 一年免費保用服務只適用於經由 NOVA 特約經銷商售出之 NOVA 系列產品。












每次港幣 200 元 







*** 為避免引致您的麻煩,當遇到操作問題時,我們建議您可先參看說明書及致電 
NOVA 顧客服務熱線 8102-3133 諮詢 , 確定機器有故障 , 才需要交回維修站。



周一至五:早上 9 時半至下午 6 時 (1:30pm-2:30pm除外)
周六: 早上 9 時半至下午 1 時


Terms & Conditions for Free Warranty:

  1. NOVA is entitled to 1-year free warranty from the date of purchase. For any defect, in the judgment of our technician, caused under normal use, we are responsible for repairing or replacing parts (excluding cabinet, battery and consumable parts).
  2. If the appliance is attached with a rechargeable battery, the rechargeable battery is entitled to 3-month warranty.
  3. Warranty is valid only if a registered warranty card is presented with the original copy of the purchase receipt.
  4. Warranty is valid only if the completed warranty card is mailed back/ online registered within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  5. Customers are required to bring back the NOVA to our service center if checking and repair is needed.
  6. Free warranty service will not be provided for the NOVA product if
    • the appliance has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered with or altered or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of our company, or
    • the appliance has been damaged through misuse, negligence, accident or natural calamities, or
    • the appliance has become malfunctions caused by power interruption or abnormal voltage input, or
    • the appliance has been eroded by corrosive liquid or the inner compartments are wetted with water.
  7. The date of purchase on the warranty card/ in the online registration record has to be in accordance with that on the official purchase receipt for eligibility.
  8. The warranty card is valid only if the NOVA product is purchased from our authorized dealers.


Service Charges


Service Requests Filed

Service Charges

Parts Replacement Costs

Within Warranty Period

(Due to defects)



After Warranty Period

$200 each time

Subject to separate quotation

Due to Improper Usage

(Please refer to point 6 in

the warranty T&C)

Subject to separate quotation

(for service charges and costs of parts)


Collection Centre

*** To avoid hassle to you, please call for advice before sending your product and check if it is a breakdown or some simple operation issues which we could solve via the phone.

Unit 1116A, Elite Industrial Centre, 883 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kln.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday : 9:30am-6:00pm (except 1:30pm-2:30pm)
Saturday : 9:30am-1:00pm
Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed